Requirement of quality

To implement our high standars of quality, our process of planning is always accompanied by up-to-date IT devices. In addition to various networked office and CAD workstations, our hardware also includes several servers, various scanning, printing and copying systems, as well as a large format plotter. Of course, our repertoire also includes technical measuring devices for sound, air quality and air speed, distance meters, thermal imaging cameras, infrared thermometers, multimeters, etc. Through license agreements and regular updates, we ensure that our software is always up to date. In addition to the usual office applications, various calculation, CAD, AVA and data backup programs are used.

Minimize project risks. Maximize project success.

BIM is an efficient model-based process that connects AEC professionals around the world so they can more efficiently plan, build and manage building and infrastructure projects. Working with BIM reduces project risks, optimizes schedules and costs, and leads to a better result.

Among others, we work with the following software: